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Sara Butkovic II am part of the Italian minority in Croatia and thus I hold dual citizenship. I have an MA in International Relations and an LLM in International Human Rights. Previously I worked in Tbilisi with a local NGO dealing with the rights of Internally Displaced People and with the European Commission. At the moment I am working for an advocacy company in Brussels. I volunteered for more than four years with Unicef in Italy during my studies and became engaged in children’s rights. I am very interested in the discrimination that immigrant children might face in schools and communities they are living in.
Oana Guth I lived, worked and studied in several countries in Europe such Romania, Czech Republic and Belgium. Originally from Romania, I have a Bachelor degree in Philology from the University of Bucharest where I studied foreign languages and literatures (Arabic and Russian). I have a keen interest in Oriental studies and Islam, and I am very concerned about the issues that Muslims face in Europe. I am currently working for a non-governmental organisation committed to preventing and resolving deadly conflict. Throughout the years I was involved in several projects dealing with racism, discrimination and children’s rights. I decided to get involved as a volunteer in ENAR’s work because I have a passion for languages, diversity and human rights.
Mina Jaf I live in Brussels and work for the Flemish Refugee Action as a Coordinator. My job includes the management of around 250 volunteers in a reception place for refugees and asylum seekers, advocacy, lobbying, project management and legal assistance. I was born in Kurdistan and lived there until I was 11 years old when my family and I fled to Denmark where I have lived for 15 years. I have been involved in various voluntary work for many years and have been involved in projects dealing with racism and discrimination. I have amongst others been involved with a project dealing with the discrimination of the Roma people in Romania. I decided to join ENAR because of its crucial voice in the fight against racism throughout Europe. I believe that it is of high importance in these times of refugee crisis and growing xenophobia toward religious and ethnic minorities.
Romy Kofler I am a College student in the United Kingdom. As I am half Austrian I was brought up in Austria until I was 14 and I moved away from my home country to continue my studies. I feel strongly about intolerance and human rights, therefore I decided to get involved in volunteering for ENAR.
Marina Massoura I hold an LLB from the University of Leicester and an LLM from the University of Birmingham, as well as a postgraduate Diploma from Staffordshire University. In 2011, I was admitted to the Cyprus Bar Association and I am currently a practicing lawyer at the Republic of Cyprus. I decided to get involved with ENAR as I am very interested in ways to eradicate racial discrimination and xenophobia.
Erwin Nuijten I am Dutch, live in Amsterdam, and I recently graduated from university. I have finished two Master studies, the first in Cultural Anthropology and the second in Holocaust and Genocide Studies, which is a specialisation of History Studies. As I am looking for new opportunities and challenges, I decided to become a volunteer for ENAR because I want to stay engaged with the topics I am interested in and it is all the better if I can make a useful contribution to a good cause at the same time.
Magdalena Pacholska I have over 9 years of work experience in international environments in Poland and Belgium. I graduated from the University of Warsaw with an MA in political sciences and followed multiple specializations studies, including public relations, international relations, project management and finance. In previous work I supported information management projects focusing on justice and home affairs in the area of borders management at European level. In my current job I am responsible for strategic planning, horizontal coordination of key client accounts and EU projects, e.g. FP7’s project IMPACT Europe on countering violent radicalisation.
Alice Radu I am from Romania, where I studied Translation and Interpretation (English, French and Romanian). I have lived more than 8 years in Belgium, where I obtained a Master degree in Communication and European Affairs, and since 2015 I’m living in Luxembourg. During my stay in Belgium I worked for a communication agency as a Project Manager coordinating multicultural and multilingual communication projects. One of my main clients within the European Commission was former Directorate-General Justice, Freedom and Security which tackles, among other matters, fundamental rights, racism, xenophobia, discrimination... Human rights, tolerance and acceptance of diversity are issues dear to my heart, which is why I volunteered to bring my small contribution to ENAR’s work.
Anja Reuss I am currently working at the European Parliament in the S&D Group’s Unit Citizen’s Europe. Previously I worked for grassroots organisations such as the Amadeu Antonio Stiftung. I was also involved in different projects dealing with hate speech, anti-Semitism, racism, sexism, homophobia and discrimination of Roma people. I studied Educational Science with a focus on political and intercultural education as well as Modern European history with a focus on National Socialism, genocide studies, migration and history of minorities. From 2011 to 2014 I was the coordinator of a research project at the Humboldt University of Berlin and co-editor of a memorial book on Berlin Jews deported to the Ghetto of Minsk in 1941. In 2015 I published a study on the continuities of stigmatisation of Sinti and Roma in Germany after WWII.
Rebecca Smith Originally from close to Dublin, Ireland, I have lived in Brussels for close to 2 years. I studied Law at undergraduate level in Ireland and then moved to Brussels to pursue a Master’s in International and European Law. Following my studies, I undertook a traineeship with the Committee on Constitutional Affairs within the European Parliament. Having lived in such a multicultural environment for the past years, my eyes have really been opened to the issues involved in ensuring an open and inclusive Europe for all. Human rights is an area I am strongly passionate about, and I am happy to help ENAR in their work in the fight against racism and discrimination.
Maiju Tuomainen I am originally from Finland and I am currently pursuing my Master’s degree in Global Studies with major in Political Science in Lund University (Sweden). I have been aiming to expand my multicultural understanding through working and studying in various places such as Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, and Hong Kong. I am especially interested in extremist movements, social change and transnational advocacy. I volunteered to support ENAR in tackling racism and discriminatory social structures in Europe which is essential for equal opportunities for everyone.
Eleni Zaras Originally from the Washington, D.C. area, I went to the University of Michigan where I received my bachelors in History of Art. Throughout my time at Michigan, I also took a great interest in Middle Eastern Studies. After graduation, I spent the school year of 2014-2015 working as an English Language Assistant at a high school in Nîmes, France. Throughout my studies and time living in France, I have been particularly interested in Islam, the history of French colonialism, and the contemporary problems facing Muslims in France. I am now living in Avignon, France where I am taking French language and culture courses at the University of Avignon.

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